How Professional Dental Care Services in La Grange, KY Can Resolve Pulpitis

Prevention is a serious word that every dentist will throw around every time they get a chance. This is because the term is vital in oral healthcare. Without proper hygiene, a person will open themselves up to an array of oral hygiene issues, some of which could be devastating. Pulpitis is a serious inflammation issue that can hinder a person, starting at the tooth pulp. Professional Dental Care Services in La Grange, KY can help a person resolve this issue.

Pulpitis is defined as an inflammatory process affecting the tooth pulp (the soft tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels), resulting from:

* Caries;

* Infections;

* Fractures of the crown or tooth root; and/or

The action of some materials (resins, cements, etc.) used in dental treatments.

This issue may be reversible, and its main symptom is localized pain that increases with touch. This reason alone should be enough for a person to visit the dentist, as this can become chronic if not treated. In fact, dentists say that once this issue becomes chronic, tissue cannot recover. In this case, a root canal may be necessary where removing the pulp tissue is imminent.

When pulpitis is acute, for example, when it’s in the initial phase, it can be of two types:

* Serous

* Pain is acute and does not yield to the application of painful stimuli, such as cold.

* Purulent

This is accompanied by an inflammatory process with exudation of pus in the pulp, and the pain intensifies when applying heat to the affected tooth, while cold usually subsides. If the pain is chronic, pulpitis appears with greater or lesser intensity especially when chewing, but greatly intensifies with heat and cold. If pulpitis is not treated and maintained over time, necrosis of the pulp (the death) occurs as a result of tissue degeneration. This is due to a lack of irrigation and this may cause inflammation.

Proper oral care is key when keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Dentists will stress the importance of prevention, but they will also stress that regular dental visits are a must, as well. For more information, contact your local Professional Dental Care Services in La Grange, KY today.

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