How to Book Air Tickets Easily

by | May 7, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

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Saving money doesn’t usually go together with buying air tickets; everyone knows that travel by airplane costs a lot, but there are easy ways to get air tickets for a decent price. You must consider the dates you need, the price you want and the seat you will feel most comfortable in.

When to Search

You should know at least 30 days in advance when you need to travel by air, because this will help you get the best deal. Start searching the month before your trip so you can play around with different dates, different times and find the right option and price. If you must travel specific times, start searching 30 days in advance; the best deals are usually found around 21 days before the flight, so if you start checking nine days early, you can see how much the price is dropping and decide the best time for you.


Going to the airline website is a great way to find air tickets quickly and easily. However, once you have found the flight you want on the airline, it may be helpful to check out those comparison websites, just to make sure you’re getting the best deal. In most cases, airlines have the best deals with the fewest connecting flights and layovers, but it never hurts to check out others to see what is available.

Choose Secondary

Whenever possible, you should choose a secondary airport, rather than a busier, more popular airport because these airports have fewer crowds and can save money. Because most people don’t fly into these airports, you could save money on the flight. However, one slight drawback is you might have to drive further to get to your particular destination, so you may want to check car rentals and see if the savings outweigh the farther drive.

Request Preferences

If you are someone that must sit by the window or in an aisle seat, make sure to request this when you buy a ticket. Most airline websites offer a choice of seat, so that you will feel comfortable. If you wait until check-in at the airport, you may not get your preferred seating arrangement.

Request Assistance

If you will require special equipment or assistance while on an airplane, these requests should be given before you arrive at the airport. Use the airline request area, if available, or call the airline before the flight so you will get the help you need. If you need to book online air tickets for any flight, then you should consider Jet Konnect; they offer great deals and good service.

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