How to choose a Boat Trailer Dolly

Jul 11, 14 How to choose a Boat Trailer Dolly

When you are in need of a boat trailer dolly there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration including:

* Weight: You will need to consider the trailers gross weight in order to know the size of dolly required for your boat.
* Slope: It is important to know the route and property where the boat will be taken as the slope or grade percentage will increase your trailers total gross weight. This is because when going uphill you will require more power to carry the load so you want to ensure this is taken into consideration in order to have the power needed for your boat trailer dolly.
* Brakes: If you are hauling a trailer over 4500lbs most states require power assist brakes in the trailer. When moving a trailer on a grade that is above 4 percent you will need a power brake controller for your boat trailer dolly to be safe and provide access to your trailers brake supply.
* Surface: Knowing the kind of surface you will be moving your trailer is also important as this will affect traction. Your boat trailer dolly should be able to adjust wheel width and height so it can adjust for changes on gravel, grass, asphalt, etc. The tires have to work well on the surface in order to avoid slips or too much traction which will pull or drag.
* Power Supply: If your trailer does not have a power supply you will need to buy a battery box so you can load 12 volt deep batteries to power your dolly.
* Trailer Ball: The size of your trailer ball is also a consideration as you will have to lock onto the ball or you will experience issues with tipping. There are many issues that can occur without the proper fit that can lead to serious damage as well as potential accidents when hauling your boat.

Your boat trailer dolly plays a key role in the moving and transport of your boat. Your boat is a valuable asset that must be secure during travel to not only protect your assets but to also ensure there isn’t any chance of the trailer or boat coming loose. By working with your boat trailer dolly supplier you can ensure you have the right dolly for your trailer and you can feel confident your boat will be transported safely.

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