How to Find Proper Art Storage In Orange County

by | May 30, 2013 | Moving

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To say that art is a valuable thing is an understatement. Some works are worth astronomical amounts that not even the highest-winning lottery ticket jackpot can match. Orange County, California, is a popular place for artists and art works. When it comes to moving, storing, or packing these priceless pieces of art, doing so in the right fashion is going to make all the difference. Here is what you will need to fit your all your art storage needs properly.

Find A Museum-Quality Facility

Unless they are cheap paint by number pieces you can buy and paint for a song, it is not advisable to store art items in an outdoor storage container or in any other such mass market storage facility. This can lead to damage from rough handling; humidity; cold, and other elements. True, some art items can withstand the elements, but mass market storage facilities are not as secure as those dedicated to both art storage in Orange County and other artistic venues around the country. A museum-quality storage facility, on the other hand, is the best option.

What A Museum-Quality Facility Offers

Art storage in Orange County facilities feature climate-controlled storage areas that are free of dust and other grime that might coat valuable items; are guarded 24 hours and boast state of the art security measures; and are 100% private.

Museum-quality facilities also offer viewing rooms; smoke and fire protection for all stored items; and more. Such as boasting staffs specifically trained to handle art items and/or conserve them.

Benefits Of Museum-Quality Facilities

If you need a long-term place to store an item, a museum-quality art storage Orange County facility is unbeatable in terms of security; quality; and customer satisfaction. They also are good options for short-term storage, as well. Finally, they are just the place to ship art items to en route to galleries, museums, and other venues.

There really is no question that a museum-quality art storage facility beats out all the other options hands-down. A work of art may be valued in the millions, but in reality they are priceless. Proper art storage is the key to ensuring that works of art are kept safe and sound; both in Orange County, California, and elsewhere.


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