How to Find Safe Lice Treatments for Hair

If you have a child that has contracted lice, you will want to move quickly. There are several things to consider before you begin lice removal NYC. In many communities infestations of head lice have become a growing problem. Lice have become resistant to the poisons in pesticides. They are dangerous, and they have become ineffective. The toxins in the pesticides are designed to break down the central nervous system of the insect. There is a potential for the toxins to be absorbed by the pores in your child’s scalp.

Picking the Right Shampoos

The good news is there are all different kinds of treatments available for head lice. When it comes to lice removal in NYC, you should choose a shampoo that is all natural without harsh chemicals. You can find them in a health food store or your local pharmacy, or even online. Lice are not harmful except for causing itching from their bites. Natural lice treatments have a few applications in each bottle so you can perform treatments more than once. These treatments are cheaper and can save you money.

Live lice can be killed with natural lice shampoos. Take your time with the applications. Let the shampoo soak in for several minutes then rinse the hair. You will need to remove any nits with a special comb created for this process. You can apply conditioner to the hair to make removal easier. Work with the hair in sections. Use the comb on each section and be as thorough as you can be. Barely graze the scalp and take the comb all the way thru the hair. Rinse the comb over the sink with rubbing alcohol and the wipe until clean with paper towels. Continue working in this manner until the comb comes clean through every section. The treatment will need to actually be repeated every few days for two weeks solid.

Home Protection

You can use lice repellents in your home to protect it from lice infestations. Tea tree and lavender oils are good lice repellents. A child with long hair should wear it up when they are at school. If you follow this habit and use lice repellents daily, it will help. Hair fibers that are coated with leave in conditioners and hair gels are not hospitable for head lice. You should also avoid using anyone else’s hair brush or accessories. Also avoid sharing a hat, helmet, pillows, bath towels, or jackets. Remind your children of this information often.

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