How To Get Bail In Santa Rosa

Being incarcerated can be like playing a game of “Monopoly”. You need a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Unfortunately, life is not a game. Someone who is arrested will need the services of a bail bondsman. Sometimes, a bond amount is stated on the arrest warrant. However, if it is a more serious crime, an attorney must petition a judge to grant a bond.

The judge determines bail based on a number of factors. They will look at the crime committed, and whether or not the defendant has a lengthy criminal history. It’s also crucial that the defendant have a job and ties to the community. Judges prefer granting bonds because the defendant has a presumption of innocence. The judge may set a higher bond if the defendant is considered a flight risk. Once bond is set, there are four ways to be released from custody:

* use a bondsman
* post cash for the full amount of the bond
* use real property (such as a home)
* the judge can let you go on your own recognizance

A defendant who needs Bail in Santa Rosa, should call rod buntjer bail bonds. They understand how stressful it is going through the bail process. Buntjer promises to get defendants out as quickly as possible. To speed up the process, there is certain information the bondsman needs. For instance, they will need the name and the booking number of the person in jail. Fortunately, bondsmen are open 24-hours per day, 7 days a week.

Bonding companies usually charge a percentage of the bail in Santa Rosa. In most states, the charge is ten percent. People need to realize, they won’t get that money back. The bonding company charges you a fee for paying the rest of the bond. A home can be used if the property has enough equity to cover the bail amount. However, this is a risky move. If the defendant skips out on the case, the home could be lost. It is important that the defendant gets out of jail promptly. They need to help pay for an attorney, and to assist the attorney in the preparation of their defense.

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