How to Have a Memorial Service for a Loved One

If you are in charge of the memorial services in Davis, CA for a deceased loved one, there are many things that you will need to keep in mind. It is great to have a list of steps to follow in these events since you will be dealing with the pain and grief of losing your loved one to make the process much simpler. Some of the steps that you should follow for the memorial service include setting a location and a date for the service, sending out invitations to friends and family who would like to attend the service, set out all of the details that will take place during the service, and decide if you will have a reception afterwards and what items will be available for guests at the service.

Set a Location and Date
The first step for setting up memorial services in Davis, CA is to set the date and the location for the services. You can make the decision to hold the service either at a rented venue or even at someone’s home. You will need to keep a budget in mind when planning out the service but many times churches will provide space for a reasonable price or even a catering hall will work.

Once you have determined on a location and a date for the Memorial Services In Davis CA it is time to send out the invitations to those that would like to attend the services. If you plan to hold the memorial service, right after the funeral, you can include this information in the obituary but if you plan to hold the service later on, you will need to inform guests some other way. Make sure to invite all family members, friends and anyone else who was close to the deceased and would like a chance to attend this service.

Decide on Details
Next, you will need to decide on all of the details for the Memorial Services In Davis CA. If you want to have a eulogy for the deceased, you will want to choose someone to speak at the service; otherwise, you can just ask people to share special memories of the deceased at the services. You will also need to determine if a clergyperson is needed and the soloists and music needed for the service. Add in some special details that relate to the deceased to make the service even more special

Reception Afterwards
Often there will be a reception held after the memorial service. Decide if and how you will hold this reception along with all of the details that go with this part of the service. You can ask family and friends to assist in serving along with set up and clean up in order to make the event go more smoothly.

If you need help planning memorial services Davis CA, contact McCune Garden Chapel & Milton Carpenter Funeral Home at 707-448-6546. They understand the difficulties you face when you lose a loved one and want to help make the process easier for you.

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