How to Hire a Cleaning Service in Silver Spring

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Cleaning Service

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The decision to hire a professional cleaning service in Silver Spring is a difficult one. While hiring someone to clean your home can seem like a way to save yourself time at the end of the week, the process is also filled with questions and decision making. Luckily, the Internet has now made finding a cleaning service in Silver Spring and other areas much simpler. You can find recommendations, reviews, prices and more about the various cleaning services that are available in your area. To ensure you choose the right professional to clean your home, follow these simple guidelines.

Decide What You Need Done

When deciding on the areas of the home that you want cleaned, consider what ones are the most time consuming for you, and how they will help your productivity in other areas. If you absolutely hate cleaning the gunk behind your toilet, for example, you may want to get this area cleaned. Take care when assigning tasks—many house cleaning companies will not work outside, clean air filters, clean blinds, or clean up after pets. Read a company’s specifications before deciding what you want them to do.

Consider Your Price Range

A professional cleaning service in Silver Spring will usually charge by the hour for work. Consider that in the majority of cases it takes 2 to 2.5 hours to clean a one-bedroom, one-bath home. The exception to this is areas that have not been cleaned in a while, which will take longer. If you are not looking for a cleaning service in this price range, consider suggesting a few specific areas that you really want the cleaner to focus on. Be sure that you also factor the tip into the total cost. It is recommended to tip a cleaning professional at least 15 percent.

Decide if You Should Pre-Clean

The decision to pre-clean is one that it totally up to you. However, a cleaning pro will not be able to clean all the right areas if there is clutter lying around. Consider picking up laundry and dishes around the home, and doing other small things to allow the professional to focus on the deeper, more difficult cleaning tasks.

Do You Want to Be Home?

Once you have chosen whether or not to pre-clean, the areas that you want cleaned, and how much you are willing to pay, you will need to consider whether or not you want to be home. This choice is entirely up to you. The majority of professionals in charge of cleaning service in Silver Spring have cleaned both with and without client’s present. Cleaning companies often conduct thorough background checks on employees to ensure professionalism and the safety of your personal items.

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