How to Sell Old Jewelry Through a Gold Buyer in Edmond

When you need to find some quick money, one of the best ways to get it may be through a Gold Buyer in Edmond. Many people have questions about how the whole gold buying process works, and you may find that the answers are surprisingly simple. You can sell your gold for some excellent prices today thanks to the continually rising spot price of gold. While there are some natural fluctuations that may happen in the gold market, you will find that gold prices overall are at some of the highest levels they have been at for the last several decades.

The spot price of gold is just another word for what the current trading value of gold is. Every day you can look on the Internet to monitor the spot price of gold, and you will usually notice some ups and downs from day to day. The spot price is so important because it is the current gold price, and it is the basis for how much a gold buyer will pay you for the gold that you are selling. The spot price varies based on the type of gold you have.

24 karat gold is very rarely used in jewelry, and only occasionally used in coins, because it is very soft. This is the most valuable gold as it is 100 percent pure. 18 karat gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals like copper. 18 karat gold is highly valued, and is second only to 24 karat gold. 14 karat gold is probably the most common gold type used today in jewelry and in coins and is 14 parts gold, 10 parts base metals, but is still highly valued. Even 10 karat gold, the lowest karat gold that is usually purchased by your local gold buyer in Edmond, still holds a lot of value. Usually gold filled, rolled gold, or gold plated jewelry will not be purchased by your gold buyer, but you should always ask if in doubt.

Your gold buyer will normally weigh the gold when you bring in it, will evaluate each piece individually to verify it is real, and will then offer you a price. Be sure to look for the gold buyer that offers you the best prices in town. A good gold buyer knows that gold is so valuable that they can afford to pay a good price and still make a profit.

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