iComfort: The Open Secret of a Great Sleep in Baton Rouge

Buying a mattress that will serve you well for years to come can be challenging in Baton Rouge, due to the marketing ploys used by many mattress manufacturers. However, there are some mattresses that stand out from the rest. iComfort mattresses are based on a revolutionary cool action gel memory foam, unlike any other mattress you can find in Baton Rouge.

iComfort mattresses in Baton Rouge are known to provide unparalleled comfort and support to the body while keeping the surface cool and comfortable, undoubtedly a great choice for hot climates. But let’s see what the attributes of a good mattress are and what one can do for you and your health in Baton Rouge.

Mattress padding for comfort. A good mattress must have a comfortable padding on top of the mattress since it also indicates quality. Mattress padding is made of polyurethane foam, puffed-up polyester, or cotton batting. If you want you can get extra mattress padding for extra comfort, for an additional price.

Importance of middle padding. Some mattresses also offer padding just below the quilted top layer which is usually made of foam. This is a good thing since it adds more support and firmness in the middle of the mattress and prevents it from sagging in the long run.

Mattresses with Insulation padding. This type of padding is on the top of the spring coils so when you sit or lie down you don’t feel the springs. It is also good for protecting the coils from damaging the top layers of the mattress.

Ticking and quilting. Ticking makes up the outer layer of the mattress and is usually made up of polyester or cotton-polyester blend. Quilting is what attaches the ticking to the top layer of the padding. When buying a mattress it is important to examine the quality of stitching on the mattress quilting, which needs to be continuous.

Mattress foundations. This is what adds another level of support to the mattress. Foundations are usually made of wood or metal with a frame full of springs. However, a wooden frame usually makes a mattress feel harder than one with springs in it.

iComfort mattresses are made of the best materials and the most modern technology. You can depend on the iComfort name to deliver a great night’s sleep, every night. We tend to forget how important it is to sleep well every single night. Don’t you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day?

Drop by the Mattress Direct showroom in Baton Rouge and check out the iComfort models available. You can get a good idea of what is available as well as the range of great prices when you visit the showroom yourself.

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