Ideas Unlimited, providing call center support services

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Business

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Starting a business can be daunting.  Running a business can be overwhelming.  Managing personel, staying abreadst with IT updates, formulating a strategy that makes you competitive in the workplace, and maintaining a budget require competence across multiple disciplines.  Is it possible?  Sure, it happens all the time.  However, unless you have years of study under your belt at a school of business, or unless you are one of the few-ultra skilled CEO’s on Wall Street, the chances are slim that you can accomplish all the above.  Where do you turn?  If you are a start-up, or if you have been unsuccessfully trying to run your own business for months, there is one source that can help you work smarter–not harder.

Ideas Unlimited is based on a call center support services model.  Established in 2010, they invested initially in a small business that carried a core group of customers.  It wasnt long before they committed to hiring heavily in human resources and business development, expanding their reach.  They had a vision–to be the extension, the task managers for small companies, providing expert advice and services.  This strategy has been successful in equipping their customers, small business owners themselves, with more time to strategize while providing higher quality work–by out-sourcing.  Ideas Unlimited believes in hard work, honesty and dedication…all attributes that signify a great business partner.

The call center support services they provide are expansive.  Ranging from running your HR department for you, to providing IT backup, they have well-trained staff that have years of experience in their various disciplines.  Ideas Unlimited provides voice recordings and can also act as a liason, able to translate mutliple langagues.  Sometimes the term “business” can be broad and misinterpreted.  Ideas Unlimited can handle any-and all services used to provide a service, or a sale of goods.  Within their company they have specific virtual assistants that can help with medical, real estate, technical, or even marketing.  Look no further than today; this young company is energetic, eager and willing to go to work for you.  By contacting one of their customer service reps, you can quickly learn how this company can be your “go-to” person in times of need.

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