If You Hear Gurgling When You Flush The Toilet, You May Need Septic Tank Repair In Des Moines Iowa

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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The purpose of the septic tank is to contain all of the solid waste that exits your home through the drain pipes. This includes your sinks and toilets. The water that flows into your septic tank is filtered out to an area called a seepage pit or leech field. The solid stays in the septic tanks where it drops to the bottom of the tank. The liquid is filtered out of the tank and into the seepage pit or leach field, where it is eventually absorbed into the ground. If the septic tank becomes overfilled or too much water saturates the seepage pit at one time, the system can become compromised and stop working correctly. When this happens, you will need septic tank repair in Des Moines Iowa.

One component of the septic tank that becomes damaged quite often is the lid. There are usually two cement lids that open to expose both sides of the septic tank. When the handle breaks off the lid, it is impossible to open one side of the tank, which means that your tank will not be properly pumped and cleaned if the lid is not replaced. Some companies will just come out and pump one side of your tank. This is a very bad practice because both sides contain waste that needs to be removed. Septic tank repair in Des Moines Iowa will remove the broken lid and replace it with a new one so that workers can get to both sides of the tank.

Another issue that can interrupt the proper functioning of your septic tank is excess sediment in the tanks. Each time your tank is pumped out, the worker should get inside the tank with a hose and clean down the walls of the tank. This will remove all the waste that has adhered to the sides of the tank. Failure to do so can create a situation where the debris will not flow through properly and may interfere with the proper growth of bacteria that is essential for the breakdown of organic matter.

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