Important Questions To Ask A Garbage Removal Service In Providence

You probably don’t think too much about your trash service unless you don’t have reliable Garbage Removal in Providence. If you need to find a different company for your trash removal, look for a professional company in RI that has been in business for many years. Below you’ll find information about garbage removal services to help you choose the best company for the job.


You’ll need to know upfront about the days and times that the service does your trash pickup so that you can have your trash ready for removal. You’ll also need to know about payment options and plans such as paying online, sending a check through the mail or if you have to pay at the office. Ask if the company that does Garbage Removal in Providence offers a discount if you pay several months in advance.

Trash Containers

Find out if the company provides trash containers for your trash or if you have to supply your own. If the company does provide receptacles, find out if there is a fee for renting one in RI. It’s important to know of any additional costs before you sign a contract with a company that does Garbage Removal in Providence, so you won’t be surprised when the bill arrives. If you don’t have a trash receptacle, ask the company if you are allowed to place your trash out on the curb in trash bags.

Additional Services

Many companies that offer Garbage Removal in Providence will also collect your recyclables. If recycling is important to you, ask if they provide a recycling container and if it costs extra too. You’ll need to know if the recycling truck comes on the same day as the garbage truck or on a different day. Ask if there are extra costs involved for picking up recyclable materials in RI. Ask for a list of recyclable materials that the company will or will not pick up.

Business Name of RI is a family owned company that provides residential and commercial solid waste services.

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