Important Tips for Choosing the Perfect Funeral Flowers in Indianapolis

If you have a funeral to attend in Indianapolis, sending flowers is a wonderful way to express your sympathies. However, the choices for floral arrangements can be overwhelming, and many people find it difficult to find the right Flowers in Indianapolis. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep reading for some tips on selecting an appropriate funeral arrangement, and visit Flowers on the Square for more expert advice.

Arrangement Matters

When selecting funeral flowers, be sure you’re choosing an arrangement that’s appropriate. Traditionally, which arrangement you should select depends on your relationship to the deceased. Close family usually selects the arrangements displayed on or near the casket while extended family should choose smaller standing arrangements or wreaths. Friends and coworkers would do best to send a tasteful bouquet or potted plant.

Choose Color Wisely

It’s important to choose flower colors that convey sympathy and peacefulness. Whites, soft blues and pastel colors are all generally appropriate, and red roses are also a popular choice. Avoid Flowers in Indianapolis that are too bright or flashy, as these can disrupt the somber vibe of a funeral. That being said, many families appreciate the sense of hope and joy yellow flowers bring to a funeral home.

Consider What’s In-Season

Your flowers will stay fresher longer and look more beautiful if you choose them according to what’s in season for the time of year. Good choices for the Indianapolis area in the summer include daisies, roses and hydrangeas. Lilacs and tulips are wonderful picks for spring. If it’s fall or winter, dahlias and roses will be the most seasonal.

Pick a Traditional Flower Type

If you want to stick with tradition, choose a type of flower that’s historically used for funerals. This can make your selection easier if you’re not sure if a certain flower will be appropriate. White stargazer lilies are traditionally used in funerals because they represent sympathy. Pink carnations are also a good choice because they stand for remembrance. If you want to convey your sorrow over someone’s passing, choose dark crimson roses. For a widely-used, historically significant flower, send chrysanthemums; they are the traditional funeral flower in many parts of the world.

Choosing funeral flowers can be difficult because of the wide variety of flower types and floral arrangements. Follow the tips above to ensure you’re choosing appropriate, sympathetic and beautiful selections.

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