Improve Breathing with the Buteyko Method

If you are like many people in the US, you may find yourself struggling to breathe. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on medications or surgery anymore. In fact, those things can become a thing of the past when you learn to improve breathing with the Buteyko Method. Invented by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko in the 1950s, the Buteyko Method is founded on the correlation between breathing rates and illness. After months of study, Dr. Buteyko found that a person’s rate of breathing increased as their illness grew worse.

Why the Buteyko Method Works

It isn’t known why the Buteyko Method works, exactly, but it is known that it helps to control chronic hyperventilation. Essentially, we, as a whole, take too much air into our bodies, causing us to be in a chronic state of hyperventilation. According to this method, it is assumed that many of the illnesses that plague us come from breathing in too much air and this air aggravates our bodies making it difficult to heal.

The Principles of the Buteyko Method

There are three main principles of the Buteyko Method. The first is nasal breathing. By breathing through the nose, the Buteyko Method states that our airways are protected by the natural defenses in the nasal passages and that nose breathing slows down air intake. This means there is a lesser chance of hyperventilation.

The second principle of the Buteyko Method is relaxation. By relaxing and being able to control the way you breathe, you will be able to stop breathing problems before they become severe. For instance, with those suffering from asthma, this method can be used to stop an asthma attack before it becomes serious. Though this shouldn’t be used in place of medical treatment when needed, it can be used to keep things at bay.

The third principle is known as reduced breathing and is used to slow your breathing. When used regularly, slowed breathing has been shown to effectively improve many conditions without medications or other types of medical treatments.

You can find centers across the country that teach the Buteyko Method. Generally you can find them quite easily by using the internet and doing a bit of research. Though this method should not be chosen over lifesaving medical treatment, when used in conjunction with your doctor’s orders, most people find great relief.

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