In Home Care FAQs for Family Members

by | May 21, 2014 | Health Care

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Making the decision to look into in home care for your elderly family member is never an easy one, but it’s a choice that thousands are faced with each and every year. While the thought of someone else caring for your parent, aunt or uncle may be alarming, it shouldn’t be as overwhelming as you think. With so many caring and reliable nurses working in the industry now, you can feel confident about placing your loved one in the hands of an experience nurse who is dedicated to providing comfort, companionship and care. Here are a few FAQs from individuals in your situation which will hopefully allow you to feel more comfortable about taking the next step.

Who Do I Hire?
When it comes to hiring in home care, it’s best to look into professional organizations that specialize in this niche of the healthcare industry. Not only will their staff members be background checked and certified, they’ll be provided with a higher level of training than most. This not only ensures that they’re prepared to handle more complex situations, but also that they have the experience you’d look for in someone working in the medical field.

What Services are Offered?
Services offered by in home care professionals can range from daily medication reminders to live-in care that is designed to handle everything from bathing to doctor’s appointment transportation. You’ll have the opportunity to customize the level of care provided to your loved one and share specific details of what needs to be completed on a daily basis. Unlike a nursing home or assisted living facility, an in home care giver will be providing their undivided attention to your loved one during their time together.

Is It the Right Choice?
While this isn’t something we can answer directly for you, we can tell you that the patients who are cared for by in home nurses are able to live happier and healthier lives in the comfort of their own home. From a sense of companionship to knowing that there is someone available should an emergency arise, these dedicated professionals strive to go beyond just providing simple medical care at home.

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