Incidents Usually Covered By Home Insurance in Berks County

Most homeowners know that their insurance will cover incidents such as fires or damages caused by storms. There are a lot of other things, though, that are typically covered by Home Insurance in Berks County that every home owner should know about so they can get the most out of their insurance policy.

In addition to the living quarters, other permanent structures on the property are usually covered by Home Insurance in Berks County. If your detached garage gets struck by lightening and catches fire, completely or partially destroying the building, your home insurance will likely cover the costs to rebuild your garage. This coverage usually also applies to fences and sheds. Most homeowners insurance policies cover the contents of those structures as well. If your personal property is destroyed when your shed is damaged, your insurance may cover replacement.

Home Insurance in Berks County also usually covers personal injury. While the coverage doesn’t apply to residents of the home, it does apply to guests and anyone who wanders onto the property and gets hurt. If the homeowner is liable for the injury, the insurance may pay the claim. For example, if someone slips on ice outside your home and sues you for reimbursement of their medical bills, your homeowners insurance may cover the costs of the claim. The same is typically true if a guest in your home falls down the steps or gets cut with a sharp object. As long as the injury is not the result of a crime committed by someone who lives in the home, it is likely to be a covered benefit of homeowners insurance.

If your car is broken into, your Home Insurance in Berks County may cover the stolen property. There are limits to this coverage and many homeowners are also able to use their automobile insurance to cover their losses. Homeowners insurance typically covers items that are not exclusively used in the car. A cellphone or laptop may be covered by your homeowners insurance while your stereo or built-in GPS may be covered by your auto insurance. Buying your home and auto insurance from the same insurance company makes it easier to coordinate the benefits.

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