Industrial Skylights: Efficiency and Advantages

Skylights are not only beautiful but functional as well. Many companies are turning to daylighting because of the energy efficiency it provides. Because companies often use a lot of light and other energy resources, many make the decision to rely on natural light for many reasons. The advantages benefit both employees and companies. There are many types of industrial skylights available to fit the needs of virtually any company.

Types of Industrial Skylights
When considering skylights for industrial use, there are many to choose from. There are single, double and triple glazed fixed skylights. The double and triple glazed ones include insulated thermal break frames. There are also single glazed and double glazed varieties that include a smoke vent. Single glazed continuous venting systems are also available, as well as multi-light units for larger buildings.

Prismatic Skylights
Prismatic skylights are the most efficient ones for industrial use. They transmit more light and direct more of it to the general work area. They provide more daylighting hours when compared to other industrial daylights. They also reduce energy consumption, which translates to lower costs for companies. They provide a cost savings of 30% or more per year. This enormous amount of cost savings helps companies invest in other important functions of their business.

Besides the most obvious benefits of less energy consumption and cost savings, the use of skylights in the workplace offers many advantages – not only for the company, but for the employees as well. Daylighting has been to increase productivity and employee morale. This is due to the natural light providing employees with vitamin D, which increases energy. Plus, by using less artificial light to add light to dim areas, a company has less light maintenance to manage. Light bulbs and fixtures do not have to be replaced as often.

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