Industrial water treatment solutions

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Business

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Three primary types of industrial water treatments exist; boiler, cooling water and wastewater. Industrial water treatment systems are extremely important for businesses to run efficiently and protect the health and well being of employees. Proper water treatment is a necessity in those industries that manufacture goods which are water intensive to ensure that the end products are safe and effective.

The primary purpose of industrial water treatment is to effectively manage the disposal of wastewater as well as contain microbiological growth, corrosion and scaling in the various processes that take place. Corrosion which is oxidization of metal takes place in piping, this corrosion, often in the form of rust can form build-ups within the pipe which constricts the flow of water through the pipes as well as being the cause of leaks in both the pipes and the various valves and controls in the system.

Industrial water treatment systems are used in boilers to clean the water both inside and outside of the boiler. A boiler heats water or any other fluid for heating processes such as steam for power generation or for locomotion. Industrial water treatment protects the boiler from corrosion which is a serious issue; it ensures the steady supply of high quality steam and maintains continuous heat exchange. Prior to water being supplied to the boiler it is treated evaporation or chemically. Internal water treatment uses chemical softeners and anti-scaling agents to remove impurities that can eventually cause boiler failure.

Cooling water is used in many different industrial processes and it must be treated to prevent corrosion as well as reducing the possibility of microbe growth. Industrial water treatment systems for this application often include chlorination as well as ozone generators which are considered to be a green alternative. Cooling water must also be treated with chemicals which fight corrosion and to prevent undue wear and tear on the piping and cooling towers.

Water which has been contaminated must be treated prior to its release into the environment or sent downstream to a municipal treatment facility. Often water is contaminated by pesticides and animal waste in and around agricultural enterprises. Mines are often releasing unwanted metals and rock partials and the textile industry releases dyes into the water. All of these contaminates must be controlled and to do so there are a host of tactics used, depending upon the nature of the water.

Regardless of the problems, modern industry is well aware of the role it plays in maintaining the quality of the water it uses as well as the quality of the water it discharges.

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