Information on Receiving Dental Implants From the Family Dental Office in Mesa AZ

Everyone wants to look their best and having a beautiful smile is a part of having the best appearance possible. When you are missing teeth, there can be large gaps in your smile, making you feel uncomfortable with the way you look. If you have ever thought about trying to replace your missing teeth, there are now better solutions than were available in the past. Through dental implants, many are having their smiles restored and improving them immensely.

When you see the Family Dental Mesa AZ dentist, he or she will first examine your teeth and gums. The dentist needs to make sure you are healthy enough to receive implants and will take X-rays and examine each gum socket, to make sure there are no issues to keep you from being a good candidate for the procedure. If the dentist decides dental implants will work for you, you will be scheduled for your surgery.

The surgical portion of getting dental implants involves the dentist carefully implanting a metal anchor into each of your empty sockets. Made of surgical steel, these anchors are implanted into the jawbone, where they become permanently seated. Once implanted into your gums, the anchors are stitched in place, with stitches that dissolve with time. You can expect to heal for about three or four weeks before you will be allowed to have your artificial teeth put in. This healing process ensures your anchors have been accepted by your body and are sturdy and strong.

Once you have healed, you will have an appointment at the family dental Mesa AZ office to have your teeth placed on the anchors. The artificial teeth are typically made of porcelain, so they resemble your own teeth. You can chew with them as you normally would, but may need to avoid certain foods. With proper care and routine maintenance, these implants can last a lifetime.

To schedule an appointment and learn if implants are for you, contact Sossaman Dental Health and Implant Center. They offer a wide variety of dental services, to meet your needs. They will be happy to assist you in getting the smile you have always wanted.

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