Innovative Sound of Indian Music Singer in New York

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Arts and Entertainment

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Outside the mainstream of the musical world there are talented, hardworking performers who are self-made individuals. A far cry from the pop star icons fed to the masses by media giants, these dedicated musicians and dancers have carved out a lifestyle for themselves doing what they love. These artists come from all kinds of backgrounds, working to make an impact on a society that is reawakening to musical innovation. An entire generation of listeners is growing up, searching for something other than the same nine songs day in and day out on pop radio. Musicians like Rimi Basu are tapping into their roots and blending all new sounds that combine genres like pop and hip-hop with the sounds of Bollywood.

As an Indian music singer in New York, Rimi has worked hard to set herself apart from other pop music stars. From the time she spent first learning about the classical Indian music and dance traditions, she became enraptured with the art of performance. Both of her parents emigrated from India to become bureaucrats in Washington D.C.. There Rimi received an integrated education from an Indian Language School while expanding her musical tastes with American rap, pop, and hip-hop music. She traces the roots of her own musical aspirations back to her childhood where she derives her multi-faceted identity from as a child of both American and Indian cultures.

She did not fully realize her passion for music until early adulthood when she decided to leave medical school to pursue her dreams. Becoming an Indian music singer in New York began with traveling to the far side of the world. In India Rimi Basu developed her musical style under Ajoy Chakrobarty’s classical music training. She traces her success to her studies there as well as to her MBA from INSEAD. Having the opportunity to perform in India as well as Europe and the United States has helped her mature as a performer. Her commitment to her music is reflected in her personal success.

That commitment and discipline is important to any aspiring musician. Indian music singer Rimi Basu in New York is part of a new wave in pop music that supports self-made artists over media pageantry. She is the kind of performer the younger generation can look to.

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