Installing Entry Doors in Washington, D.C.

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Entry Doors in Washington, D.C. are elements that personalize environments, giving them greater functional style. It is important to choose the right door, because this choice can improve thermal or acoustic insulation, or modify the layout of the house. Doors can be different, but they all have to follow a certain line. The most important thing to consider is uniformity. Here are some characteristics of the different types of doors.

Gateway (Entry)

This is usually determined by the type of property. If there are neighboring houses, it is smart to follow the model and finishes of the community. However, you can customize the interior door color. If you live in a sparsely populated area, the architectural style (English, rustic, contemporary, etc.) should be taken into account. In any case, you may want to choose a model with side or top windows to let light into the corridor.

Doors to common areas

In older homes, it was common to have a double door with stained glass. This could be a folding or sliding door. But, the fact is that it is still is a solution to consider in many homes where the hall is very dark. Many homes have opted for minimizing spaces. Doors range from hardwoods to white lacquered doors (classic or contemporary) to paneled or smooth with different types of windows. Newer Entry Doors in Washington, D.C. carry the reeds around glass instead of wood. The rest of your home’s interior doors often accompany the aesthetics of a certain room, at least as far as a finish color is concerned. Keep in mind that lacquered doors are never solid wood, but they tend to be cheaper than the others. It is also good to change your windows when changing doors. Choose Master Seal Windows for all your door and window needs.

Doors for kitchens

It is customary to put a kitchen door in only if it has translucent glass (different compositions). Its main advantage is that you let light into the hall or foyer. The main disadvantage is that frequent condensation occurs due to cooking, making the wood and glass dirty. One solution is putting in an aluminum door, which resists many issues, keeping cleaning and hygiene maintenance at an optimum. But, the fact is that its use is not widespread in the residential area. For more information on Entry Doors, contact Master Seal today.

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