Invisalign in Port Orange, FL: The Invisible Braces

Invisalign in Port Orange, FL is an invisible way of straightening teeth without using braces. The removable, clear aligners on Invisalign gradually straighten your teeth without wires or metal. A computer 3D computer imaging technology is used to depict the treatment plan from the preliminary position to the desired position through a series of custom made clear aligners produced. Every aligner moves the teeth gradually and is worn for two weeks before it is replaced by the next in the series until the desired position is finally achieved.

Benefits of Using Invisalign

  • Since Invisalign is clear, you are able to straighten your teeth without anybody else noticing.
  • It is removable and unlike braces, you can drink and eat anything you want during treatment. It is also easy to floss and brush as usual for good oral hygiene.
  • With no metal wires or brackets, Invisalign is comfortable and does not cause irritation to the mouth and requires less time in the doctor’s chair.
  • It also allows you to see your virtual treatment plan even before it commences and you can even see how teeth will look like after treatment completion.

What Invisalign Can Do For You

Too widely spaced or crowded teeth can create insanitary conditions such as pocketing, redness and swollen gums, all of them are major signs of periodontal disease. Invisalign straightens the teeth invisibly, adding many great benefits to your mouth’s health.

  • Healthy gums:
  • Studies have shown that Invisalign treatmen helps to improve gum health. Well aligned teeth help your gums fit even tighter around every tooth, leading to improved periodontal health.
  • Easier cleaning:
  • Unlike conventional orthodontics and braces, Invisalign contains no metal wires or bands that can trap plaque and food.
  • Lower trauma and abnormal wear risk:
  • When teeth are properly aligned, they are less likely to be stressful on the supporting jaw and bone joints.
  • Treatment of common problems:
  • Everything from making improvements to your smile to extensive adjustments can be handled by Invisalign successfully.
  • Made to fit into your lifestyle:
  • Since Invisalign uses clear aligners, you can keep up with your lifestyle all through the course of treatment with no interruption whatsoever.

For more information or to make an Invisalign in Port Orange, FL appointment, please call the local periodontal specialists at Beville Dental Care.

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