Involved In A Dram Shop Case? Why It’s Important To Hire Personal Injury Lawyers In Suffolk County NY

Dram shop laws have been around for quite awhile now. However, many people are not familiar with them or don’t quite know what dram shop laws are about. Dram shop laws are laws that place liability on someone who negligently serves alcohol to someone else. In other words, dram shop is a law set in place to prevent an adult, a bartender, or even a specific place that serves alcohol, like a bar, from providing alcohol to someone who is either underage or visibly intoxicated. This law came about due to the increase in motor vehicle accidents that happened because someone was intoxicated. Most of these accidents resulted in death or injury to someone else or to the person who was intoxicated.

Lawyers in Suffolk County NY like the Law Office of Matthew Glassman will take your case to court if you are injured and haven’t been properly compensated for it. Most Personal Injury Lawyers in Suffolk County NY will work to settle your case out of court, which is the best interest of everyone involved. There is a wide range of personal injury cases that these lawyers will work on. One type of personal injury case is called Dram Shop.

A personal injury attorney that focuses on dram shop cases may be known as a dram shop attorney. If you are facing this sort of case, it’s best to find a personal injury attorney that has worked on these types of cases before. They may either work for the plaintiff or the defendant. This kind of case can be very complex and have many parties involved in them, especially if a death or a serious injury has occurred.

if you are the owner of a bar or a bartender, it is imperative that you know for a fact that the person you served alcohol to was not intoxicated in your presence or went to another location and became intoxicated. You need to prove that you were not directly or indirectly related to the intoxication of the person. If you are the person injured, you need proof and viable evidence that the establishment was liable. This is a very serious and complex case since many of these cases may involve incarceration if found negligent or liable. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who is very well experienced and knowledgeable in this area.

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