Irrigation in Plainwell Is the Source For Irrigation Advice

There is a grass watering system that takes away all of the worry about getting the grass watered on time and watered well. No more dragging hoses around and moving the sprinklers every hour. Water hoses can be awkward and dirty to handle. There is a better way to ensure that your lawn is watered regularly. Irrigation in Plainwell can show you how this can be accomplished.

The solution is to install an irrigation system for your lawn, flower beds and garden. Professional irrigation specialists know how to set up an irrigation service to accomplish this. They will make a diagram of your yard and then decide where to run the main water line, and where to run the smaller lines off of the main line. These smaller lines will feed water to the emitters which do the watering. These emitters are available in different gallons per minute (GPM) flow rates or fractions of a gallon. The Irrigation in Plainwell will decide how much water each area requires and install the appropriate emitters. Pop-up emitters can cover a wide area and these are often used for lawns.

The yard is divided into zones with one zone being watered after the previous zone has been watered until all of the zones have been watered. A controller is pre-set to turn the watering times on and off. The controller can be set to water all zones on the same day, or the zones can be set to water on different days and times.

When the weather changes and your yard doesn’t require as much water, you can limit the amount of water used each day by adjusting the controller. This is really very easy to do. When winter arrives you can turn the controller off until spring.

If the summer heat is more than you expected, then you can adjust the controller to accommodate the need for extra water. You do not have to replace the emitters to get more water on the yard because the controller will handle this by setting the watering time for more minutes.

Sanderson and DeHaan is a source for advice on irrigation systems.

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