Is Air Conditioning In Greenwich CT Necessary?


First, we should consider the climate experienced by people who reside in Greenwich in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Weather experts generally describe this as bordering on a humid subtropical climate with average winter temperatures rarely dropping below 20° F and summer highs in the mid-eighties.

However, the significance of the word “humid” should not be ignored; when the air is laden with moisture (i.e. it is humid), our bodies tend to feel the cold and heat more than we do when the air is dry. The area regularly receives around 4 inches precipitation per month – snow in winter – rain at other times. Compared to other more extreme regions, this climate is not too inconvenient for human life.

So, Do We Need To Change It?

Generally speaking, we have not made much progress in deliberate control of the planet’s weather and climate – although it is claimed that we have made uncontrolled changes by accident or misuse. What we have become good at is controlling the micro environment within enclosed structures. Basically, this is what air conditioning does, it is used to raise inside air temperatures when it is considered too cold for comfort and lower them when it gets too hot. Air conditioning can also be used to change the humidity levels within an enclosed space.

While it would be possible to live without Air Conditioning In Greenwich CT, we might not find doing so to our personal taste. The winter’s 20° F is definitely too cold for comfort; but, we could simply put on extra thick clothing. Summer’s 85° F might be fine for sunbathers but not too good for workers; but, we could all strip off our clothes.

Yes We Do

A consensus of opinion on the above options would be sure to come out in favor of having some sort of temperature control by way of installing Air Conditioning In Greenwich CT. Lighting fires can beat the winter cold; but, to cool us down in summer nothing really beats a good “aircon”, “AC” or” A/C” – call it what you will, all three mean air conditioning in the sense of reducing the air temperature within a room (unfortunately, it doesn’t work well out of doors where the best way to cool off is still to take your clothes of and plunge into a swimming pool).

It should be noted that many air conditioning methods and machinery can also be used to heat the air passing through them as the winter alternative to their summer cooling. Such “total” indoor climate control is usually referred to as HVAC; meaning Heating, Ventilation (and) Air Conditioning.

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