Is It a Cold or Hayfever in Evansville, IN?

Getting a cold can be a difficult thing to manage.  When you are sick, you feel miserable the entire time.  It prevents you from doing the fun things you enjoy.  Being sick can mean days off of school or work.  You may try to fight through the sick and continue with the day to day.  However, sinus pain and sneezing can make many things unbearable.  Even one cold a year can throw off everything.  If you tend to get colds easily, then, it can make life complicated.  If your cold is lengthy, it may be difficult to get caught up on missed work.  If long and regular colds are common for you, it may not be a cold at all.  Hayfever in Evansville, IN may be your problem.

Both a cold and allergies can cause sneezing and congestion.  They both can cause sinus pain and coughing.  However, there are differences in many of the symptoms.  A cold usually only lasts a week or so.  Symptoms start out slowly within the first couple days after exposure.  You may begin with a little sneezing the first day, and by the second day the body aches start.  With allergies, all symptoms begin immediately after exposure to the allergens. Hayfever in Evansville, IN may last a day or two, or it could last for weeks.  Nasal discharge is common in both.  However, it is usually clear with allergies.  Another difference between a cold and allergies is a fever.  Colds are often accompanied by a low grade fever, allergies usually do not.  Another big difference between the two is timing.  If you seem to always be sick during certain times of the year, allergies may be the culprit.

Unlike colds, allergies can be treated and prevented.  If allergies are the likely source of your problems, it is important to find out the cause. An Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center in Evansville, IN can help with this.  They can help identify the exact allergen that is causing your issues.  They are also capable of finding a Hayfever treatment in Evansville that works best for you.  This can help you keep symptoms at a minimum and get back to your life.

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