It’s Not Only Farmers That Use Land Rovers In Illinois

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Automotive

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Mention the name Land Rover to a Brit and most of them will react in a similar manner to us when we hear someone mentioning the Willys Jeep. Both are the stuff of heroes; maybe the jeep saw more active service than its British (not quite) counterpart; but, both have tremendous reputations as rugged, go anywhere, under any conditions vehicles. And, both also live civilian lifestyles as well as playing their military roles.

Military Or Civilian; It’s Not Always Off Road

Even a vehicle specifically designed for off road use will need to be driven on normal roads from time to time – even if to leave the wilderness to get into town for supplies. Therefore, as the military, exploration and strictly agricultural uses for these vehicles diminished over time, they remained popular just so long as their owners could use them for dual on; or off, road purposes. Initially, they retained the somewhat Spartan appearance and lack of comfort that went with their original conception.

Luxury And Visual Appearance Enter The Picture

However, by way of example; an Illinois farmer bringing some produce to a town market in winter will want not only a comfortable seat; but, also a good heating system. Over time, the original designs began to be fitted out with many of the small luxuries found in basic sedan cars. This trend continued up to the point where manufacturers starting bring out luxury models which were primarily intended for use on proper roads; but, could also go off road as and when required.

These needed to be relatively large vehicles to keep the powerful engines, needed for some off road work, as well as the spacious storage space for animals, produce, etc. From such thinking, the Range Rover was born and the evolutionary path set for even more luxurious models like the Discovery and LR series.

Some Have Become Almost 100% Town Use

To anyone who favors a large SUV; these latest models have to be viewed as possible purchases; even if they never get used on any sort of rough country. However, regardless of where and how you drive them; they will all need servicing and maintenance from time to time.

They Are Sophisticated Vehicles

And, as such, will require knowledgeable maintaining; often with the aid of specialized equipment. Therefore, regardless of where you live, you will need to find your nearest specialist repair shop. For example; for Land Rover Repair In Bucktown Illinois; you could check out Chicago Motors Auto Service which is located on North Pulaski Ave near to West Fullerton Avenue Chicago 60639. Visit them at

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