Jack J Schmerling: Representing those that have Been Denied Benefits through Workers Compensation

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Lawyers

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While workers compensation is an excellent program dedicated to helping people who’ve been injured through work-related accidents, it’s not always the easiest benefits to get. There can be questions about the validity of your work-related accident. There can be questions regarding whether the accident was due to unforeseen circumstances of your own negligence. In some cases, you may get pushback from your employer or the insurance company that provides your employer with workers compensation insurance. Regardless of the situation, if you live in the Baltimore Maryland area and you have recently been turned down for workers compensation benefits, it’s time to contact Jack J Schmerling.

If you have attempted to contact Jack you’re probably aware of the fact that he is also a personal injury attorney, however, with an Attorney at Law Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Representation is a very common combination. Both types of representation support the rights of people who have been denied rightful compensation. That’s why when you look for a workers compensation attorney, you will typically find that most law offices that handle these types of case also handle cases such as Social Security disability benefits as well as personal injury legal representation.

One of the reasons why you’ll want an attorney like Jack Schmerling is because for people who aren’t trained in this area, addressing a denial of benefits through workers compensation can be very complicated and can be very difficult to understand. Thankfully, legal professionals have been trained to understand the various nuances that are typically involved in the denial of benefits. They can get to the bottom of why you are denied and this can help when moving forward in challenging that denial.

Another thing that makes a workers compensation attorney such as Jack Schmerling so popular in the Baltimore area is that they offer free consultation so and you won’t have to worry about paying a large fee in order to talk about your case with an attorney. This means that if you honestly feel that you have been unjustly denied, it won’t cost you any money to get the expert opinion of an attorney.

If you’re looking for representation for your denial of workers compensation benefits, Jack J Schmerling is the attorney to speak with in the Baltimore area. You can contact his office via phone or through his website for more information.

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