Keep Teeth Healthy and Disease-Free with a Dentist in Katy

Jun 14, 17 Keep Teeth Healthy and Disease-Free with a Dentist in Katy

Biannual dental visits are crucial for anyone to maintain healthy teeth and good overall hygiene. If you let your schedule get the best of you, it’s easy to lose track of these appointments, furthering your risks of cavities, gum disease, and even root canals.


Dental cleanings provide you with access to state-of-the-art tools to make sure you’re getting the best of your dental hygiene. Gentle Dental Care and assistants can examine to see if there are any cavities, irregularities, beginnings of periodontal disease, or fillings that need replacing. If you leave these unchecked, you could miss the monitoring of more serious conditions, such as oral cancer.

These irregularities can seriously affect your facial bone structure, causing pain, unsightly teeth, and result in a fortune in medical bills. Ignoring pain in your teeth isn’t recommended, and you should see a dentist as soon as any discomfort begins.

Root Canal

As the most well-known procedure in dentistry, root canals are undertaken when the pulp, or soft area inside the tooth, has become seriously infected and needs immediate removal. The deep decay of a tooth can lead to serious health problems, inflaming nearby gums, and creating drainage problems within your mouth.

Used to save the badly-decayed tooth, the procedure removes the infection, the dentist then cleans the tooth. Although “root canal” is a frightening term, patients have never been in better hands when it comes to the expertise of a dentist and their equipment.

Luckily, removing the nerve in a decayed tooth doesn’t mean the tooth can’t function as it normally does, it just means the tooth won’t be able to serve as sensory perception. A dentist in Katy takes care to apply local anesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable and don’t feel any pain for the duration of the procedure, providing you with either a temporary filling or an immediate filling. View website for more info about the professional dentist in Katy.

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