Keep Your Central Air Operating Properly With Air Conditioning Service in Riverside, CA

People have been searching for ways to cool their homes for as long as anyone can remember. Before the advent of electricity the most common cooling system was open windows and cross drafts in the home. However, once people had access to common power supplies companies could develop a consistent cooling and heating appliance that works in most homes. About the middle of the twentieth century forced air appliances became popular additions for heating and cooling new houses in lieu alternatives like boiler based heating and window mounted air conditioners.

Forced air systems are also known as central air or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units and are usually made of four basic components. The first of these is the external cabinet which holds a coil for transferring heat, a compressor for moving the refrigerant through the coolant lines and some assorted circuitry for controlling the device. This component is connected to the internal cabinet through a couple of coolant lines used for cycling the refrigerant. The internal cabinet houses the furnace system, an air exchange which has a second coil for the A/C and a blower system. The third component usually gets little attention, but the ventilation ducts and vents are required for the treated air to reach the rest of the home. The fourth component is often small and takes up very little wall space when mounted. However, the thermostat is one of the most important components the HVAC has. Without it people couldn’t control the temperature of their homes.

Air Conditioning Service in Riverside, CA is the easiest way to ensure you get the most out of your HVAC system. Most A/C services include cleaning the system and testing the various components. Just as important is the testing of the refrigerant’s charge level. A low refrigerant level can cause the HVAC to struggle while cooling the home. The technician will also check the air exchange for damage and to ensure the vanes aren’t clogged with grime.

Sometimes, your Air Conditioning Service in Riverside CA may include repairs of the various components. For example, the blower motor can fail or the bearings in the blower fan can wear out. Mechanical components like the condenser might break stopping the flow of refrigerant. When large pieces of the system are damaged a quality contractor like Design Air will discuss any available options such as replacement versus repair.

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