Keep Your Home Cool With Air Conditioning Repair in Milwaukee WI

When warm weather arrives the main thing on everyone’s mind is keeping cool. This is usually the time of year that energy bills go up and the big box stores have excellent sales on a variety of cooling appliances. Unfortunately, the portable units that these stores sell can’t generally compare with the quality of cooling that you get from a central air conditioning system. In fact, most portable units usually cool one large room or barely cool a couple of smaller rooms which means that you need more than one of these appliances to keep your home comfortable.

In most instances when the A/C breaks the first thought that many people have is whether the system will need to be replaced. Thankfully, most of the time the appliance can be easily fixed with a little Air Conditioning Repair in Milwaukee WI. These large air conditioners aren’t extremely complex devices with the exception of some control circuitry. However, they do require a certain skill to ensure they are put back together properly. Another factor to consider when your A/C needs repair is that state and federal regulations restrict the application and removal of refrigerants to licensed technicians only. This implies that the average homeowner can’t just open a broken air conditioner and make their own repairs.

One of the most common reasons for Air Conditioning Repair in Milwaukee WI is a frozen or stuck condenser. The condenser is vital because it compresses the refrigerant and circulates it through the evaporator coil. It is this compression that allows the refrigerant to collect any heat surrounding the coil. This process lets the coolant carry the heat outside the home where it is released into the atmosphere.

One of the simplest A/C repairs is actually a maintenance problem. Over time the evaporator coil collects dust and dirt. This gunk blends with the natural condensation from the coil and slowly blocks the airflow in the system. To eliminate this particular problem a technician will need to remove the coolant and then remove the coil. The coil will be washed in an acid bath and then replaced. Once the system is properly secured the coolant can be restored. You can learn more about your air conditioning repair and maintenance options by contacting an expert like Heiden Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

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