Keep Your Home Structurally Sound When You Repair House Foundation Oklahoma City

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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With the rising cost of new homes steadily increasing with no end in site, purchasing a used home is the only option many potential buyers have available. However, previously owned homes have a variety of potential problems just waiting to ruin someone’s day such as leaking roofs and failing foundations. While either of these problems can be fixed, foundation repair Oklahoma City is often the most expensive of the two. For example, foundation repair will require an engineer come out and survey the building to gauge how far the home has shifted. Structural testing will need to be performed on the foundation to know how much stress has been placed on the concrete and the underlying re-bar support system.

The need to repair house foundation Oklahoma City is two-fold. First, the home has no structural integrity with a broken foundation and this type of damage can’t be easily hidden with patches or paint. A damaged foundation will continue to shift placing further stress on the home and any damage that doesn’t show up in the foundation might appear in the walls, ceilings, windows or doorways. The second need for repair may be more important for some people, the value of a home with a cracked or damaged foundation is nil.

Generally, homeowner can’t sell a home that needs a contractor to repair house foundation Oklahoma City. Even in places where the sale may be legal, you won’t find a finance company willing to mortgage such a home. It isn’t worth the financial loss to carry such a risk. Of course, the best option is to find a qualified contractor that specializes in home foundation repair.

It can be tough to select a contractor when you don’t really understand the problem at hand. Plus, foundation repairs can fall into different categories depending on soil conditions under and around the home. For example, areas where the underlying soil is very soft may require the contractor use piles to shore up the foundation while other soil types might make use of elevating the foundation and back-filling with a concrete filler. Modern sciences have also created polymers that can raise and fill the voids under a foundation using chemical reactions. To determine which of these methods are best for your home you should contact a contractor such as American Leveling Company for more details.

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