Keep Your Sewage Flowing Freely With Regular Septic Cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida

For certain households in the Cape Coral, Florida area the septic system is the only way they have to deal with the sewage from their home. For all intents and purposes the septic tank is simply a miniature sewage treatment plant that processes the raw waste over a period of weeks and months. The system is pretty simple. It consists of a collection tank, normal capacity of one thousand gallons and a series of field lines arranged to leech the excess fluids back into the soil.

Septic systems are a unique invention in the history of home ownership. They were first created by a French inventor in the late eighteen hundreds to solve a simple problem. It wasn’t known at that time just how well the septic system would function, but it was soon discovered that bacterial action in the waste buildup eliminated many of the solids that remained after the water was sluiced out of the tank. Of course the waste always outpaced the consumption by the bacteria in the tank which usually required the installation of another pit or some nasty digging for some unlucky laborers.

Today we have better ways of Septic Cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida area. These jobs are typically done with a vacuum operated tanker. This high powered suction can quickly pull out most of the solids in record time. Septic tank cleaning is normally recommended every two years depending on your household usage. However, even the lowest amount of sewage should still be pumped out within five years. Low usage of the tank can allow the sold waste time to dry out making it more difficult to remove. In fact, this problem often requires opening the tank and flushing the waste with water while the vacuum removes the solids.

Deciding when it’s time for Septic Cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida is often done with a calendar. However, when the tank is left alone it will eventually cause the plumbing to back up into your house. To avoid these types of problems some companies like Snyder Septic will help their regular customers keep tabs on their last tank cleaning and offer reminders when the tank should be due again.

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