Keep Your Water Sparkling Clean with Hot Tub Chemicals in St. Paul

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Business

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Almost anyone who has ever owned a hot tub has experienced going to get into it, only to open the cover and smell sour water. Or, they have noticed that the water is cloudy looking when they get in the hot tub. Some may have had the experience of turning on the jets, only to have the tub fill with foam. There can be several reasons these things happen to hot tub owners, and all of them involve the quality of their water.

Hot tubs shouldn’t need to have their water changed more than twice a year and many can only change the water out once, if they take good care of the water and the filters. The chemicals used to balance the pH of the water and to keep the water sanitized need to be of good quality. You want to be sure you buy them from a respected seller of Hot Tub Chemicals in St. Paul. If you are unsure of how to use them, or have any questions, ask them to go over the steps again. You will want to have a water testing kit on hand to check the water in your hot tub about once a week. Once you get the hang of it, you shouldn’t have to add any chemicals or check your water more often.

If you use bromine to sanitize your water, you should add it when you aren’t going to use the tub right away. The same goes for adjusting your pH. This will keep chemicals off your skin and out of your swim suits. Be sure you keep your filters cleaned and rotate them if you have more than one in your tub. The chemical that is used for foam does so by helping to gather any particles in the water in your water so that the filters can filter them out. The first filter will always have more to catch than the last. Rinse filters well and let them air dry before you replace them. Having an extra set on hand will make this easy. You can get good quality filters from the same place you get Hot Tub Chemicals in St. Paul.

One more tip is to only hand-wash any bathing suits used in the hot tub. This keeps out any soap that may still be in the suits.

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