Keeping A Roof Over Your Head In Fort Collins CO

It is simply beyond imagination to envisage living in your home without a roof over your head. Fort Collins CO may be officially classed as being in a semi-arid climate zone but, that does not mean that it never rains hard – witness the flooding in 1976 and, again, recently in September 2013. Additionally, there is the average 50 inches or so of snow that falls on us nearly every winter – we definitely need our roofs to keep us dry inside and help keep us cool in summer and warm in winter.

How Did Your Roof Get There?

The roof sits proudly on top of your house and, if well designed, could be said to be your home’s “crowning glory”. These days, very few of us design and build our own homes so; your roof would have started as a design on an architect’s drafting table, undergone various safety checks from structural engineers before receiving attention from quantity surveyors to calculate bills of material for its eventual construction.

The construction of any roof is a specialist function requiring a mix of skills. No matter what material(s) are chosen for the actual roof surface, they all need some sort of supporting structure. Maybe a stadium roof could be hung on wires below its supporting structure, but, for domestic houses, the support is usually underneath the roof.

Build The House Then Mount The Roof Frame On To It

For a brand new roof, the main choices for supports are wood or metal; any reliable contractor for Roofing In Fort Collins CO will need to know how to treat these for long life. Wood can rot or be attacked by insects while metal can rust or corrode; in both cases the result could be loss of strength and possible roof collapse.

Having treated the materials, carpenters will be needed to cut and fix the wood beams and trusses into place. For metal, skilled welders and structural metal workers are needed for erecting the Roofing In Fort Collins CO.

Then Cover The Spaces

Shingles, tiles, sheeting material can all be used as the outer barrier to wind, rain, and snow plus extremes of temperature (hot or cold). Additionally, a well made roof will have additional insulation and weather proofing beneath the outer cover for our increased comfort while we live below its protection.

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