Keeping Abreast of Business Developments in Kenya

Jan 29, 16 Keeping Abreast of Business Developments in Kenya

It has long been the case that investors haven’t given much thought to Africa as a place of growth and thriving economies. These days, they are witnessing growth and development that is making them change their focus. In a recent 2015 survey that evaluated the fastest growing economies in the world, two African countries were in the top 20. Kenya was placed third, with Nigeria sixth. This is not a surprize to those living and working in the country. GDP growth of over 5% is experienced year after year and the capital city of Nairobi seems to grow by the day. Foreign companies continue to expand into Africa and many use Kenya as a base because of its strong and well established banking system and the high educational levels of much of its population. Kenya’s exports increased by over 20% in 2014, which shows that the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are also thriving. If you are thinking of investing in Kenya or want to learn more about its economy, many people wouldn’t know where to start.

Consulting a Kenyan Business Reviews Website

As the economy grows and matures, there are increasing sites available to keep you abreast of the changes and developments in the country. It is clear that the success of the economy looks outstanding on paper, and the country is doing well at driving the prosperity into the rural areas as well. It is investing in infrastructure to make all areas of this vast land accessible.

It is in the banking sector that a huge amount of growth is taking place. The mobile banking system, which works off the M-Pesa platform, is the largest in the world. It operates through cellular phones, which means that customers in remote areas can be connected to a robust banking system.

Kenya has a stock exchange for trading as well. This is not particularly well developed and only a few companies are listed there. Stock exchanges have grown rapidly in Africa – at the beginning of the 21st Century there were only five, and now there are seventeen. However, they still need to be developed and to function more efficiently, and this is true for Kenya as well. To this end, Kenya launched an automatic trading system in 2009 and is looking at further upgrades to its system.

Investors can also look at a variety of government securities and treasury bonds. A rule of thumb when investing in a foreign country is to look at its credit rating and Kenya was recently rated B+ by the evaluating companies of Fitch and Standard and Poors. Again, consulting a Business Reviews Website regarding Kenya will keep you up-to-date with the developments in the economy.

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