Keeping Current: Online CEUs For Social Workers

by | May 15, 2014 | Business, Education

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Archives CEUs are becoming a common means of achieving learning goals. They are a means through which professionals can continue to upgrade their knowledge in their field. Online CEUs for social workers is one ideal method through which they can meet their license requirements.’

Licensing and Education

As a social worker, most states require you to meet certain license requirements. While it may vary from state-to-state, essentially, the regulations require social workers to maintain a certain level of proficiency in the current theories, approaches and methods in their field of expertise. To achieve this, the licensing bodies require ongoing education. This means taking specific courses from an accredited educational source.

What courses comprise the state’s prerequisites for maintaining a current license will differ. It is up to the individual to be aware of the specifics. It is also the individual’s responsibility to make sure he or she takes the courses within the allotted time. Online CEUs for social workers are one means of ensuring the commitment is met.

Why Online CEUs?

Many professionals choose to do their course work and learning online. Several reasons lie behind this decision. The most common are:

  • Ease of Access – as long as you have a computer, you can log on and receive the learning module, do the assignments and/or listen to a lecture on the subject. Technology has resulted in a varied means of capturing the coursework for delivery. The methods can also heighten interest in a subject that might otherwise be, to be kind, tedious.
  • Flexibility – Learning is said to be a lifelong experience. Online learning can ensure you can access the material you want and need at anytime of the day or night. This means it can fit easily into the pattern of work/play/lifestyle of most individuals. A professional can continue to work and improve his or her skills online.
  • Comfort – Some people learn best in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and at ease. They prefer to learn from the comfort of their home. Online CEUs allow this.
  • Time – Time is always of the essence for many people. They do not have the time (or sometimes the energy) to physically make it to a corporeal classroom.

CEUs for Social workers and other professionals are an excellent mode of furthering educational requirements. Before enrolling, make sure the CEUs you plan to take are applicable. You also need to make sure you can make the commitment to staying the course. CEUs are not for everyone. They require self motivation. Make sure you are ready to take this on before you sign up.

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