Key Advances in Modern Washroom Hand Dryer Design

Jul 31, 18 Key Advances in Modern Washroom Hand Dryer Design

In the market for a new hand dryer for your washroom? Perhaps you’re remodeling, or maybe you’re building a new restroom altogether. Whatever the case, you’ll find that today’s models offer a lot of advancements regarding design and functionality. What should you know about modern washroom hand dryer design?


One of the most interesting aspects of hand dryer design today is the creation of intelligent units. Not that they’re connected to the Internet of Things just yet, but hand dryers are much smarter than they used to be. They can automatically detect the voltage in a facility’s wiring, adjust to meet your needs, and even adjust their power consumption to meet usage demands.


Another interesting change with modern washroom hand dryer design is that many models have become more compact. This is good news for overall washroom aesthetics but is particularly important for smaller facilities where installing a dryer in an entry/exit path is unavoidable. Smaller, more compact models allow you to comply with ADA requirements dealing with the maximum size of dryers that are placed within the entry/exit path of the bathroom.

Going Vertical

You’ll find that modern hand dryer design has allowed these units to evolve regarding shape and style, as well. While you’ll find plenty of units that feature the traditional down-vent we’ve all come to recognize, there are many others out there, including the vertical, hands-in, design. Vertical dryers offer important benefits, including reduced power consumption, improved drying capabilities, and smaller footprints.


Finally, you’ll find that today’s hand dryers are much more durable than they once were. While that does impact use life, it’s much more closely tied to resisting damage at the hands of vandals. The more durable a hand dryer is, the more trouble vandals will have damaging it or removing it from the wall. Because vandalism is a crime of opportunity, vandals are less likely to spend long periods of time trying to damage a dryer as it increases the likelihood they will be caught.

There you have them – some of the most important advances in modern washroom hand dryer design. To benefit from these and other advances, it’s vital that you work with the right company. We invite you to get in touch with us at World Dryer to learn more about our products.

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