Kicking up your Cooking Trade Show Booth

Even after working with custom exhibit manufacturers for your cooking show booth you will need a few more tactics to help get people to want to make a visit and sample your foods or products. Here are a few ideas to help your booth stand out at your next trade show

Get Cooking

The smells will be overwhelmingly tempting during any cooking trade show and making sure some of those wonderful aromas are coming from your booth is a must. Whether you are doing a demo on how your product works or on a food item you want to sell you have to work hard in the kitchen to produce the most tempting aromas to bring the crowds to your booth. Work with a chef to come up with outstanding recipes that will keep a big turnover coming to your demos.


This is not always top of mind for all trade show participants. You really need to ensure whatever demos and samples you are serving are being treated with the proper food safety rules. You need to have the proper storage, cooling and prep regime being used at your booth for microbial safety to avoid getting people sick. Nothing will make your sales drop more than people trying your food and suffering from mild to serious food poisoning!


Many participants may not have their line completely ready for the show. If this is the case make sure you work with your packaging company to have professional prototypes on display so people know what to expect and how the product will appear on shelves. When working with custom exhibit manufacturers see if they can come up with a unique display case to feature your prototype so it is easily visible but not easily touchable for damage. You can then have the actual product itself available for demos and for people to get a good look at.

Custom Exhibit Features

When working with custom exhibit manufacturers ensure you are adding the features that are conducive to your product. Look for countertops that will be safe for cooking and discuss your cooking needs if you will require cooking surfaces. Look at large screens to project your demos to attract more people. If you will be doing actual cooking classes make sure your space is large enough to accommodate seating as well.

When you are seeking your custom exhibit manufacturers Structure Exhibits can work with you to create the most effective cooking display within your budget. Visit for more information on their fabrication services.

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