Kitchen Countertops in Long Island NY-A Wide Range of Materials to Select From

Very few remodeling projects are as fun to undertake as a kitchen remodeling. Choosing cabinets, floors and countertops can fill many pleasant days. When the time comes to choose Kitchen Countertops Long Island NY, you’ll find various materials are offered. Here are some to consider.

Engineered stone– A relatively new addition to countertop materials, engineered stone, sold under the names Silestone and Zodiaq, makes use of small pieces of natural stone, bonding them into a slab with a plastic polymer. Engineered stone tends to have a more uniform look than natural stone and is kid-friendly as scratches and stains can easily be fixed. This type of stone is damaged by heat so care must be taken.

Granite– Durable, resistant to chips, heat and stains, granite remains the preferred choice of many when it comes to Kitchen Counters. Granite requires very little maintenance and allows for more design options than synthetic materials. Granite is hard to repair if it is damaged and you will pay more at the time of initial purchase. The granite countertop may outlast you though as it is so rugged so it is definitely a material to be considered.

Marble– Softer than granite, marble is the preferred choice of bakers as it maintains a cool surface temperature at all times. Marble does require sealing twice a year, but is very resistant to heat. This material costs more than granite so take that into consideration when choosing.

Natural stone options- Natural stone, such as limestone and slate, counters are available for those who can’t afford marble or granite. These counters tend to be heat resistant, but not to the extent granite, marble and stainless steel are.

Solid-surface countertops- Man-made countertops, made using plastic, are ideal for long counters as they can be custom made to the length needed. Color extends through the counter so stains and scratches can easily be removed and a wide range of colors are offered. For a well-coordinated look in the kitchen, you can have a sink made of the same material. Swanstone and Corain are two trade names of these counters which tend to cost less than other options. They are easily damaged by heat which may be of importance to you.

Your Kitchen Countertops Long Island NY will be a focal point in the room. This is due to the size of the countertops. Choose carefully for a kitchen you will love for years to come.

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