Know What to Expect from Kratom Before You Take It

Many people are starting to look for remedies for their ailments that are not necessarily traditional. One of the ways that people are treating themselves by taking herbal medications. One of the medications that can help to ease pain and stop stomach issues like diarrhea is kratom. Kratom is an herb that comes from the leaves of a tree native to Southeast Asia. Depending on the dose, you can experience different effects from the herb. Here are some of the kratom effects that you might experience when you take it:

Low Doses of Kratom

When you take low doses of this herb, the kratom effects are different than if you would take a higher dose. For instance, many people report feeling more alert when they take only a small amount of kratom, anywhere from 2 – 6 mg. Users who take this amount report feeling energized. They also become more social and friendly, as well as talkative. Many people enjoy this feeling and even feel as if this dose will give them more confidence.

Higher Doses of Kratom

When you take more kratom, those stimulant effects will wane and more sedative effects will take place. When users take any amount of kratom over 7 mg, you can expect to feel these effects. Most people will be less sensitive to pain, both physical and emotional. There is also typically a calm and pleasurable feeling associated with this dosage level. Many people who take more than about 10mg of kratom will experience a type of dreamlike state but too much can bring on nausea, sweating and even itching. Most people should not take more than 16-20mg as the effects will simple be too much and cause a high degree of sedation.

Are There Risks?

The only risk of kratom that you may want to consider is the fact that too much can make you very sleepy. Some people, when taking too much, will experience nausea and an upset stomach. As with any herbal remedy, it is important that you take the herb as directed and do not take more than recommended.

When taken correctly, kratom can be an excellent herb to use for its stimulation and pain relieving effects. Only buy kratom and other herbs from a trusted source.

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