Knowing When You Should Hire A Criminal Lawyer in Snow Hill, MD

A Criminal Lawyer in Snow Hill, MD is a legal representative who specializes in defending a person who has been charged with a crime. While courts do allow you to defend yourself when you have been charged of a crime, hiring a professional is going to dramatically improve your chances of actually winning your case. After you have hired a Criminal Lawyer in Snow Hill, MD the first thing they are going to do is try to get the charges dropped. If he, or she, is unable to make that happen then they will pursue an acquittal or try to get your sentence reduced. They are lots of reasons you should reach out to someone such as Marc A. Zeves, PA Attorney at Law.


Assault is defined as using physical force on another person or people. When a person commits assault they are doing it with the intent of causing harm to the other party. Assault is a criminal offense and it is punishable by being thrown in jail. Sexual assault would also fall into this category.


Extortion is using your position or a threat in order to acquire a favor. Depending on where you live extortion is considered a very serious crime.


Fraud is defined as deceiving someone with the intention of obtaining some sort of financial or personal gain as a result. Fraud can be punishable by jail time or a fine. You can do as many as ten years for fraud.

Driving Offenses

Driving while you are under the influence of a drug or alcohol, driving without a license, and not obeying the rules of the road are all punishable in the court of law. The sentencing that you receive depends heavily on the conditions of your specific offense.

Knowing all of the rules and laws is enough to make your head spin. That is why criminal lawyers exist. They know the law. They know what you can do and what you cannot do. They also know what hoops you will need to jump through if you want to save your record or avoid doing jail time.

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