Laminate Flooring in West Chester, PA: Affordable and Attractive

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Laminate flooring is a simulation of wood and sometimes stone. It consists of multi-layer synthetic flooring, which has been fused together by using a lamination process. The reason this particular material has become so popular is mainly its cost effectiveness along with the easy maintenance and installation. There are some types of laminate flooring in West Chester PA that fall under some of the most popular categories on the market. What makes them particularly appealing is the warmth of wood mixed with the characteristics of porcelain.

Some important facts regarding this special kind of flooring should be considered before purchasing; for instance, the material is a version of the type of plastic used on counter top surfaces. Although it is typically scratch and impact resistant, any damage will result in the need for replacement. In other words, it cannot be refinished. It can also be installed over existing floors if needed. The places where laminate flooring can be utilized are endless because it can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, steps, basement and pretty much anywhere else. Interestingly enough, it is installed on top of a foam underlayment for the purpose of contracting and expanding. In essence, the floor floats.

According to various interior designers, the perfect place for laminate flooring is in high traffic and low maintenance spots. Another bonus is that this type of flooring comes in various colors and designs. The technological advances regarding these floors have increased the difficulty of distinguishing between this synthetic counterpart and true wood. Apart from wood, it also give a realistic impression of ceramic and stone tiles without the hassle of cleaning.

The best part of all is that existing floors don’t have to be taken out. Out of all the other flooring available, laminate is the most recent adaptation. During its earliest stages, it was not as appealing as it is now. It was only during the 90’s that people really started showing an interest due to the new designs of laminate flooring in West Chester, PA. Ultimately, the options are wide open when deciding to install the synthetic answer to the more expensive ranges like hardwood. Keep in mind, some maintenance is still needed, but it is typically a fast, easy process.

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