Lawyers Handling Family Law Cases In Lafayette, IN

Ball Eggleston PC, a lawyer in Lafayette, IN, provides you with clarity in terms of adoption, divorce, child custody, and guardianships. These concepts require that you acquire legal representation to assist you in securing your rights. In terms of divorce cases, you should establish as quickly as possible if the case is contested. Within contested divorce cases there is a high probability of a divorce trial. These attorneys can fight for your rights through mediation if possible to allow you and your spouse to come into an agreement. If you need an attorney to file for divorce or assist you in family law matters, contact this law firm promptly.

Family Law Cases

Among the most potential detrimental family law cases is divorce. These cases are often unpredictable in nature and present the possibility of a power struggle. Spouses who initially file a divorce often underestimate their husband or wife’s ability to present a significant hindrance in their life during these cases. Even the most even-tempered individual can turn vicious in a divorce case. For this reason, it is necessary to consult an attorney.

In contested divorce cases, the hold-up is often caused by a spouse who refuses to believe that the marriage has come to an end and is consequently and often intentionally causing a disruption. What these individuals fail to realize is that they are not simply making their soon-to-be former spouse’s life difficult, but they are also hurting their children. In cases where domestic violence becomes an issue a protection order is issued by the judge. Within theses cases, a divorce trial is an almost certainty.

In a contested divorce cases, Ball Eggleston PC, a lawyer in Lafayette, IN can assist you in taking measures to settle your divorce amicably when possible. In these cases where an agreement is not initially possible, mediation is scheduled to help you and your spouse talk out common issues such as property division and child custody. However, if mediation fails, you and your spouse will attend a divorce trial in which both arguments are presented to the judge who will render a final decision.

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