Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS: Knowing Your Options When You Get Charged With A DUI

There will be a time after you get arrested for driving under the influence where you are going to be required to appear before a judge. This is called your arraignment. During the arraignment you will be officially charged with the crime that you have committed. You will also be asked to enter a peal of guilty or not guilty at this time. Hiring one of the Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS to represent you for an arraignment is entirely unnecessary. This is because the only thing you are doing is entering a plea and it is fine for you to plead not guilty at this time. You always have the option of changing your plea to guilty or no contest at a later time once you have had a chance to get advice from one of the Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS.

Once you get released from jail either on your own or through the means of bail, you are going to need to sit down and evaluate your case. Ideally, you want to evaluate it with the help of a DWI Defense Attorney. Your options at this point would include:

* Just pleading guilty to the charge

* Trying to get a plea bargain

* Asking for a trial in front of a judge

* Demanding a jury trial

Should You Ask For A Jury Trial?

Whether or not you should ask for a jury trial really depends on a number of different things. Was your blood alcohol level over the legal limit? If you had a blood alcohol level that was over the legal limit asking for a jury trial would be a stupid idea. Statistics show that juries will almost always find someone guilty if there BAC was over the legal limit. If your BAC was not over the legal limit you would have a fighting chance with a jury. Visit T Michael Reed for more information on DUI cases.

If you decide that you want to hire one of the Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS and fight the charge against you, you are going to want to insist a jury trial. Judges do not usually take kindly to people who fight DUI charges. At least with a jury you have a room full of people your lawyer can try to convince that you should not be charged. Visit their website for more.

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