Learn About DOT Drug Testing in Charleston, WV

Drug testing is an important part of the world of employment. Whether the industry is one that works with heavy machinery, involves driving vehicles or handling money, this type of testing is required by many employers today. This is especially true when it comes to the over the road driving industry.

The Department of Transportation has some very specific rules and regulations that are laid out when it comes to those people who need to have DOT Drug Testing in Charleston, WV. If these regulations are not followed to the letter, a company can be given notice of violation and fined. This puts a distinct kink in the smooth running of any company and is something that they want to avoid if at all possible.

Such Occupational Health Services, however, can be difficult to track and keep organized unless a health provider is chosen that knows the ins and outs of the requirements for such items like DOT Drug Testing in Charleston, WV. Choosing a company to provide the needed services can take a great deal of pressure and stress off the office staff of the business. This is a particularly good idea for two reasons.

First of all, the office staff likely does not know the type of files that are required by DOT in order for the tests to pass their audits. While audits can be inconvenient and sometimes downright stressful, they are a necessary part of doing business. Knowing that all the required rules and regulations have been followed means there is no need for worry during such an audit.

A second reason for choosing a company that is dedicated to providing such a service is to free up office personnel so they can perform the jobs for which they were hired. Keeping these DOT records in one central location makes it easy to retrieve them when it is necessary as well. Because the office personnel often have a great deal to oversee that is directly related to the smooth running of the business, such as dispatching vehicles to the right areas and coordinating loads, it is best that an outside agency take care of this aspect.

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