Learning About the Fir Tree Genus and Fir Plywood in Danbury, CT

Many people are inclined to call all evergreen trees to pine trees even though a large number of these evergreens are spruce, cedar, juniper and fir. All of these trees have specific characteristics identifying them. They can be used in certain types of building projects, and Fir Plywood in Danbury CT is available from local suppliers.

Fir, Spruce, and Pine

Fir trees have single needles instead of clusters, which characterizes pines. About 50 different species of fir are classified. The number is not exact because some lists include additional species. For instance, the Douglas fir is technically not a fir, even though it has the name. It might be interesting to know that various types of the fir genus are the most popular choice for real Christmas trees.

Spruce and fir trees are difficult to distinguish for many people who have not spent time studying the differences. Aside from the blue spruce, which is noteworthy for its unusual color, fir and green spruce look similar. The needles are quite different when handled, though. Spruce needles are somewhat square and can be easily rolled between the fingers. Fir needles are flat and are softer.

Softwoods and Hardwoods

Evergreen trees are classified as softwoods, unlike deciduous trees with leaves that are shed in autumn instead of needles. Needles are shed as well, but green needles are always in place. Maple, cherry, birch, and oak are just a few examples of hardwoods.

Softwoods in Building Projects

Softwood is not suitable for many building projects, and that includes the fir. It is generally not processed into fine lumber, but it can be used for rough timber in projects like piers and docks it is very appropriate for converting to Fir Plywood in Danbury CT that has several layers bonded together for strength. Fir also is used for pulp in papermaking.

Fir is very useful for manufacturing plywood, as well as for rough timber because it is an economical choice and is harder than most softwoods. The material is available from a plywood provider such as Company. Anyone interested in making a purchase may Contact Companies.

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