Let a DWI Lawyer Austin Texas Help with Your DWI Charge

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Law

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Driving after you have been out drinking comes with a steeper penalty than ever before. Not only have the laws themselves gotten severe, but the amount of alcohol that you can consume has decreased. It doesn’t take much for the courts to say that you were driving while intoxicated. Anything over a .08 blood alcohol level can be considered driving while impaired in the state of Texas. If you have been pulled over and arrested on a DWI charge, one of the many things you will need to think about is whether or not you should seek out the services of a DWI Lawyer Austin Texas.

Experts advise that it really is in your best interest to hire a DWI Lawyer Austin Texas to help you through your upcoming legal proceedings.

Even if you don’t plan on fighting the charge, your attorney will be able to walk you through

the court process and make sure that you get treated fairly. Even when you don’t plan on arguing the charges, navigating the Texas legal system can be confusing, and you’ll often find yourself bombarded with information that doesn’t always make sense. Your DWI Lawyer Austin Texas will make sure you understand every detail of your case, and the consequences of your poor decision to get behind a wheel. If your attorney thinks you’re being punished more severely than warranted, they will step in and urge the judge to back down.

If you have been through the process before, and find yourself facing a second DWI charge, you shouldn’t even consider trying to handle things on your own. The penalties for a second DWI conviction are intense. In addition to the actual DWI charge, it isn’t at all unusual for the court to try to tack on additional charges in the report. Your lawyer will take a look at the additional charges, talk to you about what was going on at the time of your arrest, and make sure that every single charge is warranted. The only way that you can be assured that you’re not convicted of something you haven’t done is by having a DWI Lawyer Austin Texas review your case.

While the Austin court system will be more than happy to assign you with a court appointed lawyer, in the long run, you will be better off if you decide to pay your own legal bills and find a lawyer who has a great deal of experience when it comes to handling DWI cases and is familiar with the Austin court system. This will be an attorney who can offer advice about how to plead to the charges, what to expect during your time in court, and who will be able to answer any questions you have.

DWI Lawyer Austin Texas – Few people really understand their rights when they’ve got arrested for DWI. The lawyers at Nichols & Gill, P.C. can use that knowledge to help you put this behind you and get on with your life.


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