Little Known Info about Crowns in Scottsdale

A dental crown is the visible enamel part of the tooth. By extension, a prosthesis, called a dental crown, will bind on an abutment (or “inlay core”), inserting itself in the root. Dentists use Crowns in Scottsdale when a tooth is too damaged and cannot be restored by conventional dental care. There are several types of dental crowns, and the choice depends mainly on the location thereof.

Metal crowns

* These are often made of a nickel/chrome mixture, and therefore not recommended for people allergic to nickel.

* In case of allergies, your dentist will choose to make a semi-precious or precious metal crown.

* The metal crown is the most economical, but also the less aesthetic. It is reserved for back teeth, like the molars.

* Advantages: Has an economical price; requires only a short period of implementation; and requires no aesthetic fitting.

* Disadvantages: Offers questionable aesthetics; can cause an allergy to nickel; and may not be suitable for all teeth due to aesthetics.

Metal-ceramic crowns

* This is a dental crown made of a metal cap completely covered with ceramic. It is strong and aesthetic, one being most used by dentists.

* Good collaboration between the dentist and dental technician is essential to render satisfactory aesthetics. Indeed, the color of the crown should be as close as possible to that of the natural teeth.

* Advantages: Is aesthetic; and is solid hand-made metal.

* Disadvantages: Has a significant cost; multiple steps required for several fittings; presents the possibility of seeing a gray line at the gum over the years; and there is an increased risk of periodontitis (retraction of the gums) appearing.

* Ceramic crown

* This is a dental crown made entirely of ceramic, which gives it an incomparable transparency.

* It also provides perfect safety, in terms of allergies to metal.

* It is mainly used to replace front teeth.

* Advantages: Ceramic Crowns in Scottsdale offers great aesthetics; and there is no danger, in terms of safety and allergies.

* Disadvantages: These are expensive; and they are quite fragile.

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